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I was looking for articles on Iraq, when I came across this post entitled “We’re in a War – where are the media?” Its almost as if the author has taken the words right out of my mouth; why isn’t anyone reporting on this? Why aren’t the two Democratic candidates talking about this?

It almost seems that after General Patraeus’ and Ambassador Crocker’s responses a few weeks ago, gave the country the realization that we will be at war until we get a new president, that everyone, namely the media, felt comfortable shelving the topic until then.  Until it becomes an “issue” again. Well the war is an issue, the war will dictate a substantial portion of our foreign policy, our military investment and domestic spending. It has implications for the slowed economy, for healthcare and a whole load of other issues, that people are seemingly ignoring.

While the war might not be sexy, or interesting, the men and women (US, Iraqi and allied forces alike) deserve for their stories to be told. As Americans we should know what is going on halfway across the world with regards to the men and women who are defending the way we live.

Back to my policy paper on Iraq… I will be posting that by midnight tonight, as that is the deadline! In the meantime, please do read the article above.


Written by Veena

May 6, 2008 at 10:38 pm

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