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As this presidential election wears on, many of us are attuned to the excess of back and forth jabs between people who identify themselves as liberals or conservatives. I just came across an example of this a few minutes ago, when I clicked on a link from CNN, which led me to an article about John McCain’s bush crashing. While the video was nothing special, the comments below were really disturbing. I’m not sure about the age or diversity of the crowd that has left feedback on this story, but nearly every comment that has been posted has a narrow-minded view of liberal vs. conservative; Obama vs. McCain etc..

While Obama supporters have gotten a great deal of flack for their unquestioning devotion to “the one” as he is reffered to satiricaly, it is not just his constituents who hold strong to their beliefs about a candidate. This is completely reminiscent of those young kids, wearing Flip-flop costumes during the Kerry campaign of 2004 – screaming “flip flopper” as they swayed from side to side, in a seemingly delirious rage.

However, its this same blind regurgitation of so-called “facts” by mainstream media that is most disturbing. Two weeks ago, I was watching a Fox News segment on both Presidential candidates’ stance on drilling and their overall energy plans. One of the contributors kept relating topics like energy conservation and climate change to “leftist liberals who were trying to protect the spotted owl.” This uninformed contributor clearly has not read or seen any of the research that is being presented all over the world, not just by “conservationists” but by conservatives, including John McCain. In fact, environmental conservation, climate change etc. are not lofty liberal ideas, they are real issues that do need attention because they have significant humanitarian, economic, political and social consequences. That big earred dope on Fox should at least check his facts with one of several thousand news sources available in the Information Age. 

Its fine to have political pundits, on the left and right, Bill O’Reilly comes to mind, who scoff and spin and make a nice dime on telling people some of the truth. However, it is just shameful to be someone who is a news anchor, a contributor, producer, etc. and not report the facts, regardless of the side you are on. The luxury we have in the United States, is that we can have opposing viewpoints. However, each time that small-minded contributor on Fox News etc. gets on television and links environmental issues to the advancement of liberal goals, he is doing everyone a disservice. The media should have integrity. Put down your liberal/conservative gloves and look at the facts, if you have to spin to the point that you sound like a loony right/left buffoon, then you’ve spun too far. Instead, why not try to debate your real take on the issue, instead of making dramatic gestures and remarks that dilute the actual content and character of the news you are reporting?


Written by Veena

August 7, 2008 at 5:52 pm

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