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One of CNN’s headline stories this evening is that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston broke up. The title, which is purposefully sensational states, “Mayer rants about Aniston to paparazzi. Video.” I clicked on the link and watched as much of the segment that I could muster before disgust consumed my brain. Three supposed journalists on a panel with the afternoon television host, go on about how it was a mistake for Mayer to expose his personal information. They wondered at how Mayer could actually “open up” to the paparazzi.

On a hunch that this was much simpler than what they described, I found the video on You Tube. The CNN coverage on this was extremely unfortunate because first of all, they missed the point. Mayer was talking to the paparazzi because he was fed up with being hounded by a group of idiots armed with cameras and voice recorders. The message that Mayer was really trying to convey was lost to the people who were posing as journalists, as they psychoanalyzed his actions.

A few quick things – Why is this even news? I would be interested to know what the ratings for this afternoon filler are on their network. If for instance, we consider this news, then, these journalists/reporters were not doing their job – they failed to actually listen to the content of his speech. Instead they speculated and spun.

I realize that by writing about it I am in some way promulgating this story. However, I think it is a good example of a few things:

1. CNN and other news networks inability to actually use content available to deliver unbiased commentary that is relevant.

2. The obsession the American media have with celebrity journalism.

3. The level of the discussion that is being put forth in the United States – where is the focus on real issues? If you don’t talk about it – you will raise the bar. Unfortunately, as we all know, its ratings and profits that drive our media.


Written by Veena

August 20, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Posted in media, real news

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