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Dear Hillary Supporters

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The Clintons have come under a considerable amount of fire over the last few months leading up the Democratic Convention. People have accused both Hillary and Bill Clinton of being sore losers and wanting to hold on their political dynasty. What I think the press is forgetting or conveniently overlooking is that 18 million people DID vote for Hillary Clinton. While the media has been obsessed with badgering the Clintons over their sore loser status, they more often than not, fail to mention that millions of Americans identified with Mrs. Clinton and wanted to see her as the next President of the United States. 

If you take a look at message boards after Barack Obama’s announcement that Joe Biden was going to be his VP, there were so many angry Hillary supporters who lashed out against this choice. While the likelihood that a Obama-Clinton ticket was small to begin with, there were still many who had hoped that this historic election would allow for both the first African American and first woman to hold the highest positions of leadership in our government. 

With that said, I too, supported Hillary in the primary, but at NO time, since she suspended her campaign in June, did I think that I would vote for John McCain as the next president. If you are a Hillary supporter, than you believe in supporting women and children’s rights through a strong educational system and a woman’s right to choose. You believe in universal health care and that the government does have a role in all of these areas, among others. You also believe that offshore drilling is NOT the answer to our energy security issues and tax cuts for corporations and the richest echelon of our society, are not logical and fair to the lower and middle class in this country.  You believe that there should be a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, and that our soldiers should come home. Why? These are some of the core values of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Now, if you look across the two candidates, John McCain does not believe in ANY of the things that Hillary Clinton stood for. So if you vote for McCain, then its almost a slap in the face to Hillary because, after everything, she is still a public servant, fighting for those same issues in the Senate. However, with a President like McCain, you will not assist her in advocating for the very issues, that she would have carried as a President. In fact, you will make more difficult for her to help people in this country because McCain is not going to be the type of leader who will fight for ordinary Americans. He is known to “shoot from the hip” and is so inconsistent, constantly changing his message to fit the Republican party base. 

Hillary supporters – you have a right to be angry and disappointed in the results. However, the reality is that Obama did win the primary election. It was a tough election, there were mistakes on both sides, but in the end, his victory is a fact. It was not a stolen election, like in 2000 with Al Gore and W, it was a hard fought and extremely close battle.

However, the likes of Jack Cafferty, every FOX news reporter and so many more are obsessed with only taking the view that the Clintons are looking to upstage our future President. If you continue to feed into this media frenzy, then the Democrats, do look divided, and we have a bigger chance of losing the most precious opportunity we have for really changing this country. 

I sincerely hope that you will choose to look beyond the primary battle, and look to the future of this country as you make a choice, because too many people are looking for the Democrats to fail.


Written by Veena

August 26, 2008 at 4:37 pm