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Out of Focus

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Enough is enough. Barack said it best today, as he discussed the time and energy wasted by the McCain campaign in the last few days obsessing over whether he called Palin a pig with lipstick. He likened this intrigue to catnip that the media eagerly slurped up. In the world of  24/7 news, each media company is eagerly out to make a buck, especially in this high stakes Presidential Election. However, the lack of journalistic integrity on major all-news networks like CNN, FOX News and MSNBC to obsess over the minutia of the campaign detracts from more serious issues. 

You can turn on any of the aforementioned news networks at anytime during the day and find that they are interviewing experts on each small story that comes across their desk. The format of having multiple advisers all over the country weigh in on something as simple and inane as Obama’s lipstick comment, results in a ripple effect, with every TV station down to the local and international outlets covering this garbage in the nightly news. In the meantime, Americans are bombarded with the same 8 images or news clips both online and on television, which helps to drive negative attention toward whichever candidate has made the latest offense. This formula results in a group of uninformed voters who are voting based on media frenzy and hype versus an understanding of issues. 

The only way for this to stop is if one of these networks takes a stand. We also need more publicly funded broadcasts that don’t have other agendas and don’t need to worry about whether their ratings are going up, so they can focus on reporting news instead of selling it.

If there ever was a time to take some action it is now. If you are reading this post and any of the sentiments above resonate with how you see the world, then write to your local news paper, write a blog post. Do something, because it matters.


Written by Veena

September 10, 2008 at 7:43 pm

Out of Hand

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Take a look at this: 

Latest News
These are the “headline” news titles on a major news network website. Which one? CNN. The original title of “Will Biden/Palin Debate Get Nasty?” morphed within the last hour, when it began as something like “What will Biden/Palin Debate Be Like?” CNN is one of the biggest offenders in the political news business. In a 24/7 market, where they have allocated so much money and personnel to covering the news during the day, they completely destroy the purpose of news reporting. Their job should be to inform the public, not sway them. From the headlines to the way most of their regular news stories are presented via online or on live television, exemplify what is utterly wrong with the news media. 
Someone said it before, but we seriously need to consider how our news is delivered, who owns these news sources, and how we can remove the political biases that make their way into our living rooms and onto our laptops on a daily basis. 
This is not the best political news team on television, its competing with Fox for ratings and has thus morphed into one of the most sensational. I can never watch any coverage on their network, because most of it is talking over the speeches that people are actually tuning into see or blowing a simple story out of proportion. 

Written by Veena

September 10, 2008 at 2:13 pm

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Hot Air Time

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One of CNN’s headline stories this evening is that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston broke up. The title, which is purposefully sensational states, “Mayer rants about Aniston to paparazzi. Video.” I clicked on the link and watched as much of the segment that I could muster before disgust consumed my brain. Three supposed journalists on a panel with the afternoon television host, go on about how it was a mistake for Mayer to expose his personal information. They wondered at how Mayer could actually “open up” to the paparazzi.

On a hunch that this was much simpler than what they described, I found the video on You Tube. The CNN coverage on this was extremely unfortunate because first of all, they missed the point. Mayer was talking to the paparazzi because he was fed up with being hounded by a group of idiots armed with cameras and voice recorders. The message that Mayer was really trying to convey was lost to the people who were posing as journalists, as they psychoanalyzed his actions.

A few quick things – Why is this even news? I would be interested to know what the ratings for this afternoon filler are on their network. If for instance, we consider this news, then, these journalists/reporters were not doing their job – they failed to actually listen to the content of his speech. Instead they speculated and spun.

I realize that by writing about it I am in some way promulgating this story. However, I think it is a good example of a few things:

1. CNN and other news networks inability to actually use content available to deliver unbiased commentary that is relevant.

2. The obsession the American media have with celebrity journalism.

3. The level of the discussion that is being put forth in the United States – where is the focus on real issues? If you don’t talk about it – you will raise the bar. Unfortunately, as we all know, its ratings and profits that drive our media.

Written by Veena

August 20, 2008 at 3:58 pm

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couldn’t have said it better…

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I was looking for articles on Iraq, when I came across this post entitled “We’re in a War – where are the media?” Its almost as if the author has taken the words right out of my mouth; why isn’t anyone reporting on this? Why aren’t the two Democratic candidates talking about this?

It almost seems that after General Patraeus’ and Ambassador Crocker’s responses a few weeks ago, gave the country the realization that we will be at war until we get a new president, that everyone, namely the media, felt comfortable shelving the topic until then.  Until it becomes an “issue” again. Well the war is an issue, the war will dictate a substantial portion of our foreign policy, our military investment and domestic spending. It has implications for the slowed economy, for healthcare and a whole load of other issues, that people are seemingly ignoring.

While the war might not be sexy, or interesting, the men and women (US, Iraqi and allied forces alike) deserve for their stories to be told. As Americans we should know what is going on halfway across the world with regards to the men and women who are defending the way we live.

Back to my policy paper on Iraq… I will be posting that by midnight tonight, as that is the deadline! In the meantime, please do read the article above.

Written by Veena

May 6, 2008 at 10:38 pm

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